Developers (IHV / ISV)

Developers typically have multiple departments and projects supported by the same IT team and physical infrastructure. Being heavily virtualized, Developers have a strong need to align their storage, replication, and backups around development Virtual Machines.CloudByte provides the specified level of performance to every Virtual Machine so that one department or compilation job doesn’t slow down the entire array. Replication and backups are also aligned at the VM level. With CloudByte, your most important metric – developer productivity – is maximized, thereby reducing the overall development time cycle.

Success Story: Citrix


Financial applications are often heavily time-dependent. Lacking performance controls at the storage level, they rely on dedicated, tuned strings of storage hardware. As each string is typically sized for very high loads, overprovisioning is baked in yet performance often suffers when demand spikes occur.CloudByte enables each application to receive predictable, set performance even while sharing a physical infrastructure. Peaks in demand can be handled efficiently without compromising the performance of each application. With CloudByte, performance is more reliably provided while eliminating overprovisioning costs – wins for both the top and bottom lines.


In Healthcare, seconds often make the difference – and very large data files and quantities of data are often needed quickly and simultaneously from multiple departments and doctors. This unpredictable demand can result in slow response – just when speed is essential.CloudByte enables prioritization of storage demand for critical tasks such as emergency and operating rooms. Other departments, such as clinics, will still receive the performance needed, surely and reliably.

Higher Education

Higher Education typically has highly unpredictable demand arising from both research and from student workloads. This demand, typically spiking around mid and end of term, causes unpredictable delays in processing.By providing both specified levels of performance and the ability to “burst” performance when the system is lightly loaded, CloudByte maximizes the use of each storage cycle while preventing spikes from delaying the entire university’s operations.

Media & Entertainment

Since a single edit run can compromise the performance of the entire storage array, media production is heavily dependent on storage performance and throughput. To handle this load, media storage systems typically overprovision networking without addressing the core issue – predictable storage performance for multiple editing workflows. CloudByte delivers the required level of performance to every workflow to keep overall production on track. By ensuring that storage performance is consistent, each phase of production becomes more reliable and predictable. With CloudByte, production schedules become production realities.