Storage for 100 applications in a 2U appliance

CloudByte Enterprise Storage Appliance virtualizes all the resources of the storage system
and complements server virtualization.


Typical enterprise application deployment is static and dedicated. Each application has dedicated servers, dedicated storage either as complete appliance or disk shelf, and dedicated SAN ports. However, server virtualization changed this model by consolidating the server component in the form of Virtual Machines, commonly known as VMs. However, storage does not have the similar construct to virtualize all the storage resources like VMs. The end result being only half the application infrastructure stack is virtualized, and storage still stays as dedicated component. Dedicated storage infrastructure lacks flexibility and creates silos which ultimately results in low utilization. The problem aggravates much more in all-flash SSD environments.



CloudByte ElastiStor Appliance (ESA) extends server virtualization to the storage component. With ESA, one can spin out Virtual Storage Machines (VSM) like VMs in the server world. VSMs abstract all the resources of the storage system such as CPU, disk I/O, network, and cache – since storage is not just disks. The storage performance can be moved between VSMs on the fly without application disruptions; true software defined storage. Each storage volume under a VSM guarantees performance at a granular level, such as 2345 IOPS or 234 IOPS. This solution can scale across multiple data centers by adding additional appliances. The complete solution can be managed with a single global management console.