CloudByte ElastiStor Appliance

Containerized storage that’s easy to use, easy to manage, and can scale up or
down on-the-fly.

Powered by CloudByte ElastiStor OS, the ElastiStor Appliance family enables any size department, organization, or Service Provider to drop in a Cloud Age solution that instantly works with all major virtualization and stack environments. With a form factor designed to maximize rack space density, ESA provides full enterprise storage and networking capabilities. Yet, ElastiStor makes storage management a snap. Each model comes preconfigured with the environment needed to support the specified number of applications or VMs. Plug-ins for major virtualization and stack environments are also included. Out of the box, ESA has what your organization or clients need.

*Configuration is based off solution specifications with total number of ElastiStor nodes.

**CloudByte’s usable capacity is based on full data redundancy from its Single Parity 4+1 drive data protection configuration. CloudByte’s usable capacity is based on efficiencies gained from global compression and deduplication. On average CloudByte customers realize a 3x increase from compression and deduplication. Data reduction benefits have no upper limit and will vary by workload.