“Wow! This is amazing – How did you guys pull it off?” sums up the first reaction of customers and analysts to CloudByte’s disruptive technology.

While virtualization has made rapid strides on the server side, storage technology witnessed just incremental innovations in the past decade. Storage is still bound by the typical limitations of legacy solutions – lack of scalability and customizability, inelasticity, expensive (and relatively dumb) proprietary hardware.

CloudByte’s founders got together to craft advanced technologies of virtualization and software-defined intelligence to control and allocate storage resources elastically and on demand. We were not enthused by the idea of building a management layer or building a performance-boosting layer on top of current storage. Nor did we look at eliminating storage altogether and working with just one layer of compute and storage. We actually like storage (for a good number of reasons) – just not in the current form – we just want our storage to be a lot more intelligent, flexible, fully shared, easily manageable, and ready to handle thousands of applications and their varying performance demands with a single click.

We have built next-generation storage technology that, for the first time, enables enterprise applications to be run in cloud environments.

We redefine storage beyond capacity in terms of throughput, latency, and IOPS. Together with linear scaling, this enables a single extensible storage platform compared to fragmented storage with legacy solutions. We also made efficient management a fundamental part of the architecture rather than an afterthought. As a result, we make it dramatically easier to afford and manage storage for thousands of applications in today’s virtualized datacenter. We also enable higher reliability and security than you’ve ever witnessed before! We would love to take you through the product and show how we can help you. Contact Us.