Legacy SAN or even a new-age Storage solution is misfit in your CloudStack Cloud Ecosystem. Both don’t serve your Cloud Storage demands effectively. Why? They are not containerized like your Network layer and Compute layer; the significant drawback being you end up investing in multitudes of hardware.

ElastiStor, the world’s first containerized Storage

For the first time ever, ElastiStor offers encapsulation to the Storage layer using its IP protected VSM technology. Now, even in the Storage layer, you enjoy the benefits of Server Virtualization – something, till date, you could achieve only in the Compute layer, using Hypervisors.

Bring all the goodness of ElastiStor to your favourite Cloud platform

Provision and manage QoS-aware CloudByte Storage Volumes from CloudStack using the ElastiStor plug-in.

  • Integrate with ElastiStor effortlessly
  • Guarantee QoS for each VM disk
  • Eliminate the noisy neighbor issue
  • Resize Volumes and change IOPS on-the-fly
  • Supports both ISCSI and NFS protocols
  • QoS-guaranteed storage support for all major hypervisors
  • Capture Application-consistent storage level snapshots
  • Fully automated storage provisioning through CloudStack
Solution Brief

Bring all the goodness of ElastiStor to CloudStack
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ElastiStor addresses the QoS concerns in Cloud environment
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ElastiStor is the perfect fit for private Cloud implementation
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Integrate CloudByte ElastiStor with CloudStack

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Integrate ElastiStor With CloudStack